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6/10/07 4:52:08PM
Nestled in Arizona's red rock mountains, former heavyweight boxing champion Tommy Morrison made what was billed as his mixed martial arts debut Saturday night.

Out of reach of the Arizona State Athletic Commission on the Yavapai-Apache Nation, unheralded John Stover of South Dakota stood as Morrison's first opponent.

6/10/07 4:59:52PM
I don't get the point of fighting "mma" if your just going to make it a boxing match.
6/10/07 5:41:19PM
6/10/07 5:43:29PM

Posted by cmill21

I don't get the point of fighting "mma" if your just going to make it a boxing match.

Me thinks Morrison was a little a-feared. So he wanted to stand and bang with a guy that is a striker. Cheap if you ask me
6/10/07 5:45:07PM
Ultra dumb rules for the event. I don't know if I totally understand them though. I guess dirty boxing and clinching were allowed, but only punches were allowed to be thrown. It was far more of a modified rules boxing match than MMA match.

Breaking news: boxer wins boxing match, now to our top story: the sun is big and hot.
6/10/07 5:50:11PM
He looks terrible though, he use to be a mammoth guy, now looks like a 70 year of former body builder. HIV musta hit the AIDS stage....goof.
6/10/07 5:50:24PM
So does he have HIV or don't he? Would you roll with someone that has HIV? Good luck finding a fight..
6/10/07 6:13:01PM
I would say i'll fight you, if you get a damn HIV test.
6/10/07 6:51:51PM
if you ever wondered why people trash MMA, it's because this sort of thing happens. A supposed "mixed martial arts" bout where one man (a former boxer, retired 11 years, and nobody knows about his HIV condition) can do anything, and the other can't shoot, hold, throw, or anything else but punch.

All the hecklers and haters in the mass media will have no problem feeding the masses that this MMA is the same as the UFC, since it's all "MMA" and make it be a circus sideshow. It's as much the fault as the promoter, as the guy who still took the payday with the BS conditions.
6/10/07 7:22:12PM
In the end, morrison still sucks
6/10/07 7:58:59PM
I guess if pushing and hugging are considered martial arts this would fall under the category of a mixed martial arts fight...
6/10/07 10:36:04PM
Is it fighter bashing if I think he is a waste of space? Is it fighter bashing if I think he has tig ol' bitties? Is it fighter bashing if he hasn't actually fought an MMA match?
6/10/07 10:55:15PM
Someone should find this douche on myspace or some other blog so we can all go ask him why did he have all the rules changed if boxers would win in an mma match.
6/10/07 11:23:30PM

Posted by boob

So does he have HIV or don't he? Would you roll with someone that has HIV? Good luck finding a fight..

The first test had him positive but he's passed every test since. His ex wife says he's using meds to suppress it to a undetectable level. Tommy says the first test messed up and cost him a lot of his career. I tend to side with his ex on the issue.
6/11/07 8:30:31PM
I agree with you ydoc, she probably knows...
6/13/07 10:13:06AM
No shot I'm fighting a dude that failed a HIV test......I got 75 and didn't even study for mine.
6/13/07 6:26:42PM
it's funny how chuck really got under his skin. i pay to see chuck vs tommy the machine gunn. lol
6/14/07 4:27:26PM
I'd rather see Tommy fight someone with a great ground game......Put him in a cage with Randy Couture, Gabriel Gonzaga, Big Nog or Fedor Emileineko.....The fight would be swift and clean, no doubt Tommy is trying to untie himself for days.
6/14/07 5:21:31PM

Posted by cincyassasin

No shot I'm fighting a dude that failed a HIV test......I got 75 and didn't even study for mine.

I took a hepatitis test the other day... I did pretty good... I got an A, two B's and a C...

Thank you Jesus for sending us Will Ferrell

Sorry, I just can't help it
6/16/07 9:53:59AM
6/16/07 12:46:12PM
Morrison had an interview with Dan Patrick on Dan's radio show, I heard it over on The guy who runs that blog brings up some good points about the true desperation in Morrison's situation. Tommy is surrounded by such a wicked web of people that feed his delusions. With Rumors swirling that he is still infected with the HIV virus and has tested positive for Hepatitis in the past this guy needs to stay the hell away from MMA. Luckily that will be the case, because according to Tommy MMA isn't what he wants, he said he was doing that fight as a favor to the promoter. He claims that he didn't know the rules until an hour before the show. This is all being said while he tried to maintain that he hasn't taken a blood test in Nevada because he wants to take his time on his comeback so that nothing goes wrong. Well getting into a cage without knowing the rules isn't a real smart way to protect your comeback! I want to feel sorry for the guy, but he is endangering other fighters, he needs to have a definitive blood test done in the presence of the Nevade Athletic Commisioner and put an end to the speculation.
6/21/07 8:26:14AM
Frankly I believe Tommy is a P.O.S. if he really is clear of any infectious viruses than there should be no prob in taking a blood test to prove it and not by a team Dr. I find it a little absured that he can tip toe and dance around such a serious issue.......Anyone who agrees to fight him is putting thier life at risk and honestly for what, it's not like he holds a title or was ever really a big name, I mean he did have about 3 weeks of great white hype in boxing but Mercer put him half way through the ropes to silence all that nonsense.
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