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2/4/08 12:32:18PM
Im with Dana when he said that montreal will be one of the best event ever with match like GSP vs Serra
Danzig vs Bocek
Macdonald vs doerkson
Stout vs Clementi
Quarry vs kalib
Goulet vs Hironaka
Bisping vs chainsaw
Franklin vs Lutter
Cote vs ????

Do you think this is the best ever?
2/4/08 12:53:34PM
Well, not the best ever but a very good start for the first UFC event in Canada !!

2/4/08 12:59:40PM
This event is awsome for sure, but it's hard to say what the best event ever is. On Paper it's got to be up there.
2/4/08 1:08:04PM
No, not really....It's a good card no doubt, but does not offer the BEST of the BEST. GSP is the exception of course. The fighters on the card are good, yet they are not of the highest caliber. Of course, we have seen that you don't need the best fighters on a card to produce an amazing live event, TUF 6 finale for instance was amazing! Anyways, on paper this card looks good. There are some good matchups, yet I have to rate it a 6/10 on paper. After we see it live, it could very well turn out to be an 9 or 10. The only fights that really stand out to me are GSP/Serra, Bocek/Danzig, Stout/Clementi, and Starnes/Quarry.
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