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4/16/09 8:30:25PM
I was just thinking today how sick the atmosphere is going to be for the card this weekend......then I came across this article so I thought I'd share it......the Montreal crowd should enhance the event by a ton I'm thinking........20,000 super drunk Canucks....
4/17/09 7:37:08AM
Dude this is gonna be sweet. I went last time they came and it was an amazing atmosphere and that was a mediocre card. This one is real good.
4/17/09 10:27:29AM
Montreal usually brings alot of energy to their events, should make this one even better
4/17/09 12:23:55PM
my favuorite hockey team plays there and i go there once a year to watch them play

the roof of the building gets nearly blown off on how loud it is in there

the fans there are SERIOUS, they take sporting events SERIOUSLY (hockey is religion in montreal)

this ufc is gonna KICK ASS. I'm freakin PUMPED
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