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8/18/08 4:02:49PM
Hey guys, Been awhile.

Basically im really outta shape. Had a lousy job, sittin on my ass 8 hours a night, horrible pay.

I decided im joining the Army. though im prolly somewhere around 25-30% bodyfat now.

Id like a workout to help me get in shape so i dont die during BCT. but i prolly only have a month tops, so id like to start today.
8/18/08 4:38:20PM
I think the best thing you can do is what you would expect to do for basic training. That way you will at least be in "army shape".

I've never been in the army, but I do have the US army field manual. If you don't have one already I can email it to you. I'm sure some basic stuff will be in there.
8/18/08 5:11:57PM
that would be simply amazing Rush

you always gimme some great advice.

8/18/08 5:26:52PM
I'm not sure how much it will help your current situation (because I haven't read the whole thing), but it is a good reference to have nonetheless.

If it doesn't prove to be useful I would stick to the basics. Running, pushups, situps, pullups, etc.

Actually the guy to talk to is Jackalope.
8/18/08 5:30:59PM
month is not a long time but, running, push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks are ez too do
8/18/08 11:11:22PM
i only have a month...

Jack would know to.. where u at man?
8/19/08 10:07:18AM

Posted by Guru

i only have a month...

Jack would know to.. where u at man?

I havn't seen him around either. Maybe he is training for his run in a couple of weeks. I know he said he was going there early to get used to the altitude.
8/19/08 11:14:16PM
oh wow hes actually goin! good for him!

ill be leaving in november BTW so plenty of time.
8/20/08 6:24:03PM
yo you do have that program I put together that I sent you that should help.. and after doing that a month... the army will seem fairly simple.. but some great advice too.. doing what the army calls the daily dozen.. all basic exercises anyone can do...
8/21/08 12:32:50PM
very true don, but i dont really want to build, just tone. i could drop the weight though.
8/21/08 9:32:22PM
I was in the Army for over 6 years. The P.T. test at the time (got out in 02) consisted of push ups, sit ups, and 2 mile run. Most people who had a hard time passing, you need at least a 180 on their scale, had problems on the run. I believe the lowest score for passing was 15 minutes and some seconds. The next hardest was situps. On th P.T. test you had to do as many possible push ups in 2 minutes and then as many possible situps in 2 minutes. 42 was passing for push ups and situps I think was 63. I am not sure now though. My advice, for just trying to get in shape to go, is stretch a few times a day. I mean a nice full body stretch 2 to 3 times a day and then push ups, sit ups, and run. Start getting used to water if you dont like it now because they will make you drink until you puke. Start standing all the time. If you get used to it now it wont be as bad when you have to there. It sounds dumb but if your not used to it, it can be a pain. Oh and practice not putting your hands in your pockets. Your BDUs have pockets but the Army doesnt want you to use them. Some of this stuff is off subject, but its advice that can save you from getting smoked. (Smoked = exercised until thinking death is preferable)

Any more questions feel free to ask.
8/23/08 6:05:29PM
do lots and lost of cardio because in the amry you will need to do it a lot.
go on a very healthy diet too while at it.

great way to lose all the body fat and get back into shape.
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