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10/10/08 3:21:37PM
I am from montana, but havent lived there in almost 6 years now. Does anybody have any info on the MMA scene up there such as schools promotions and quality of programs?
10/10/08 4:39:01PM
I own property out there, so I'm in the Helena and Bozeman areas every summer. I know theres a school in Great Falls and Helena at least, and they do run MMA shows in both cities. As for the rest of the state, I couldn't tell you.
10/13/08 6:24:49PM
right on, i grew up in helena and went to college in bozeman...having property there is a blessing! love that place
10/13/08 8:03:59PM
Driving in Helena is not such a blessing. Stupid miners not knowing how to make a road.
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