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4/16/08 2:55:37PM
Former UFC heavyweight champion Kevin Randleman (16-12) and one-time top UFC heavyweight contender Jeff Monson (24-7) have been signed to headline a June 21 Global Fighting event.

The show takes place at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C. It'll be the first time that the venue, which was formerly known as Charlotte Bobcats Arena, hosts an MMA event.

i got Randleman in this, but that might be bc i want him to win .

who ya'll got?
4/16/08 3:58:27PM
It will be tough, itll probably be a decision for Randleman or Decision/Submission for Monson. Randleman has not faught for a while, and its a pretty tough comeback fight for him. I think the advantage will go to Monson, and he will win via submission.
4/16/08 4:51:15PM
I want to go to this but I'm going to be in Louisiana for the summer! F***!!!
4/16/08 5:22:19PM
I'm definetally pulling for Randleman in this fight. Monson is a tough opponent though. Not the best matchup to take after being on a long layoff.
4/16/08 5:25:40PM
Wasn't Monson headling the Adrenaline event against Russow in Chicago on 6/14?

4/16/08 6:29:50PM
This is a bit of a step down for Monson
4/17/08 1:23:40AM
good fight i would take randleman
4/17/08 3:01:35AM
I wanna take randleman but if he hasnt improved his game/training monson is a bad matchup because monson is best known for his submissions while randleman's problem has been submission defense monson is also probably stronger than randleman
4/17/08 8:54:17AM
well...everyone knows who im taking.......

it will be a tough comeback match but if randleman comes back ready i honestly think he could destroy monson....but thats just me.....
4/17/08 12:02:25PM
Randleman's main problem is submission defense... so I see Monson taking this rather easily once the fights hits the ground. I hope I'm wrong though, hopefully Randleman can beat his ass on the feet.
4/21/08 9:26:40AM
kevin is good but i think this one is going to be pretty hard i think monson will win with a tapout
4/21/08 10:33:46AM
Jeff is going to pinch off Randlemans head

WAR 360 <OLY>
4/21/08 3:57:29PM
Monson via Anaconda choke Rnd 2.
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