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4/24/08 12:11:18PM
These two warriors will fight at the next Sengoku event..... who do you guys think will win??

This fight will be a war!!!!
4/24/08 1:41:03PM
Barney by late round sub
4/24/08 3:05:27PM
Lackluster, boring decision for Barnett.
4/24/08 4:11:49PM
i see barnett winning a decision, prolly will have a bloody nose though lol
4/24/08 9:19:14PM
I'll be ambitious and go for a Barnett win by KO.
4/24/08 10:22:21PM
i see barnet winning as well. monson seems to have trouble with some of the bigger guys.

kinda funny this thread everyone has taken barnet, but the thread in the news forum most of the people were taking monson
4/25/08 12:47:07AM
Branett is a great fighter, even though he is not always the most exciting fighter. IMO he would give Fedor a little trouble.
4/25/08 10:51:00AM
I think Barnett by TKO. Simular to the way Monson lost to Ricco Rodriguez.
4/26/08 11:07:54PM
My pick is Barnett by decision.
4/28/08 12:20:38PM
Monson is going to repeatedly flip Barnett around the cage, just like a giant tractor tire.... and then he'll submitt Barnett
4/28/08 1:03:04PM
I just cant see a way for monson to win this fight. I think hes good enough on the ground to prevent josh from subbing him, but i dont think he'll beable to mount very much offence tbh. Id say either a ud or stoppage via g'n'p for josh, depending on how aggressive he fights.
4/29/08 7:30:36PM
4/29/08 9:38:46PM
As boring as it is, i have to go wih Barnett. i think his stand up is much better than monson's and his size will help him out of the ground. he also has a pretty good Submission game in his arsenal. Barnett via UD
4/30/08 1:41:07AM
Barnett gnp 2nd
5/3/08 12:21:03AM
I'm also going with Barnett by a decision.
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