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3/15/08 9:51:26PM
i cant find this out anywhere

if i loose all my cash do i need to just start a new account
3/15/08 10:00:32PM
No, you will never be at 0$, even if you lose all you bets, you will always have something left because you win cash with your picks.

25$ 1 on 3
45$ 2 on 3
70$ 3 on 3

so lets say you have 1000$ before an event and you lose it , unless a terrible almost impossible 0 point in an event, you will have a little something left because you will have won some cash with your good picks.

3/15/08 10:00:50PM
if u start a new acc, ur 2nd account will be banned and u will be given a warning. and as for the restart, every season u start off with $1000, each season is 10 Events im pretty sure. so just wait til the end of the season, or bet your money a lot more WISELY.
3/15/08 10:02:46PM
it reloads at the start of a new season, and thats a long way from now, so just try and hustle till you get back on the game, also even if you loose everything, you'll still get money for your picks, so make sure to make your picks, and you'll get money that way.
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