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6/10/08 3:40:17PM
6/10/08 6:11:06PM
Make sure its in the mods folder and then go to the database switcher in the upper left of the main menu and switch to the mod database.

And Grey Dog Software does have its own forum you know?
6/10/08 6:23:19PM
I just opened both folders on my PC and drug the mod into the correct folder. If I remember correctly there were step by step instructions on the Grey Dog Software website.
6/10/08 7:09:11PM
You're not putting me into some WMMA place. No way, no how.
6/10/08 8:38:50PM
My brother "accidentaly" deleted it off my computer. That was $35 down the drain.
But yea, do what they said, thats usually what I have to do to other mods for other games.
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