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7/31/08 9:50:12PM
i wanted to know if you guys would/have considered making a wagering forum.
I know it is listed as a topic in one of the other forums, but personally i think it deserves its own.

I bet on just about every event, and it a)makes it more exciting, and b) gives people alot more to talk about. Some of the boards have been a little slow, and i wanted t start some wager threads in the ufc forum, but thought it really needed its own.
7/31/08 10:31:40PM
I very much doubt this will happen, but feel free to make a thread every event called "UFC 87 real wagers" or some such and see who responds. If its popular, I'll sticky them in the UFC forum.
7/31/08 10:42:16PM
cool. will do
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