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12/28/08 1:45:39PM
I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this on but I have a question concerning my premium membership. Here's the situation, I had a premium membership before on my user name roncomanjason. I had my user name changed to what it is now and now my membership is gone. I've talked to two moderators which have not been able to answer me. The odd situation is this as well, when I had my premium membership this site wouldn't recognize me under the premium membership section. I had to bring that to the attention of the mods as well. Please let me know what's up via pm or just reply. An answer of any sorts is pretty much all I want. Thanks.
12/28/08 2:26:13PM
I've already told you via pm that I'm doing what I can to get this fixed. There is a post just like this in the admin/mod forum that I've already bumped twice. I've contacted DTM, and you yourself have said that you've contacted him. I'm sorry but that's where the buck stops. None of the other mods can help you more than what I've already done.

You've just got to be patient with this one. I can only imagine how frustrating it is since I've been frustrated myself, and I'm not even the one suffering.
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