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2/6/09 3:56:30PM
I have a couple of questions. I would like to know how moderators are selected. Is there a certain criteria to meet in order to become a moderator? What can be done if a moderator is not being fair, or powertripping? It seems to be that if we complain about a moderator in open forums, we can get banned from the site. I do not think that is fair in open forums without being afraid of being banned, when we aren't even moderator bashing. I know moderating is a thankless job sometimes, but we need to be able to maybe have a voting system of how the moderators are doing at the end of each season. The people of this site are the ones that keep the site what it is, and we should be able to have opinion about the moderators' actions, without worrying. Thank you.
2/6/09 4:30:45PM
I'm guessing the mods (as a group) nominate reputable members of the site on an as needed (whenever they decide another mod is needed) basis. I'm sure they vote and it probably has to be unanimous before someone is asked to be a moderator.

I don't think there's much to it...pretty much if you're a good standing member of our "community" and you're trustworthy, you qualify.

As for mods not being fair...I disagree. Plenty of warning is given before any true penalties are put in place. Speaking as a former moderator for other sites, you're right, it's a VERY thankless job. Imagine all of the BS we would have to sift through if there WEREN'T mods/rules in place.

That's part of the reason I keep coming back. The childishness is kept to a minimum and the IQ's are a bit higher around here.
2/6/09 4:47:10PM
I understand your concerns, but they're much better addressed to the site's administrator or the owner themselves. Posting something like this only puts a target on your forehead, and that's something you don't want.

There is a rule in the website's rules (#16) that specifically addresses this issue. Like I said- the way you've brought your question about is plenty respectful, but there is a proper channel for it. I will be locking this thread after I finish my post here.

One more thing I will add- This is not a democracy. This is a privately owned website with people who have legitimate financial stake in the way it is ran. Now, you may be a premium member and thus feel entitled to your say, but you don't have tens of thousands of dollars wrapped up into the website like the owner does. So, based on his large investment he is entitled to run it the way he wants to run it. You don't go into a job, start complaining about the boss and say the employees are the ones who get the work done and therefore should run the company. It just doesn't work that way. Honestly- web space costs money and advertising costs money. If you want to contact the owner and try to form a partnership then that's a whole other issue.

Use this link to voice a complaint/address the administrator. From there you can attempt to get in contact with the site's owner-

16. If you have a problem, correction, or suggestion please contact the ADMIN. Starting a thread designed to attack a moderator or anyone else who runs the site is rude and counterproductive. Insulting the people in charge won't help your cause. The moderators work here for free, because they care about this site and are devoted mixed martial arts fans. They are also humans who have feelings, and are bound to make mistakes from time to time. Trying to embarrass them when they spend a lot of unpaid time making this site habitable for all is a fruitless activity. Starting threads about banned members and attacking the sites moderators for banning them on the open forums is also prohibited; let bygones be bygones.

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