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2/4/08 9:19:55AM
Considering Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's career full of brutal wars, many felt the Brazilian heavyweight might not have a lot left when he stepped into the Octagon Saturday night.

Just a few moments into his battle with Tim Sylvia it seemed as though those concerns had been confirmed. Detonating a massive right hand onto the Brazilian heavyweight's chin, it appeared as though Sylvia would win a UFC belt for the third time while Nogueira would have his legacy called into question.

But not so fast, folks.

2/4/08 9:33:12AM
A awesome interview man!
I remember watching the BIg Nog - Cro Cop fight an not being able to sit down through out!

2/5/08 12:14:14AM
I think part of Nog's game plan is to let his opponent get tired pummeling his face for a few rounds then takes it to the ground for the submission. The guy has some chin! I think thats what makes all of his fights so exciting, they all seem like come from behind victorys!!!
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