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POLL: Which do you prefer? (Krispy Kreme sucks)
Dunkin' Donuts 50% (13)
Krispy Kreme 50% (13)
7/11/08 9:20:41AM
Dunkin' Donuts blows Krispy Kreme out of the water.

7/11/08 9:21:46AM
YAY FOR DUNKIN' DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm not a big fan of sweets, but every once ina blue moon Dunkin is the winner
7/11/08 9:22:14AM
Shoppers Food & Pharmacy > most. They're not only cheap (50 cents each at the one near me, $4.50 a dozen) they're H-U-G-E! One Shoppers donut = 2-3 donus elsewhere, they're practically a meal in themselves!
7/11/08 9:26:42AM
We only have Tim Hortons and Robin's Doughnuts here. I love both.
7/11/08 9:29:07AM

Posted by cmill21

We only have Tim Hortons and Robin's Doughnuts here. I love both.

yeah timmie ho's is thaa shiaaat

gotta agree though DD > KK
7/11/08 9:31:34AM
I can honestly say that I have never eaten a Dunkin Doughnuts doughnut before in my life.

However, DD has some of the best coffee I have ever had.
7/11/08 9:32:56AM
i love the Bavarian Creme
7/11/08 9:38:43AM

Posted by misses1112

i love the Bavarian Creme


My favorite. Had one just a minute ago.
7/11/08 10:06:59AM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by misses1112

i love the Bavarian Creme


My favorite. Had one just a minute ago.

when i do get in the mood for sweets that one is always a winner!!!
7/11/08 10:20:24AM
My favorite's chocolate, but glazed with chocolate is even better. I also like glazed, vanilla frosted and marble frosted (usually vanilla with chocolate stripes, but I also like the other way around).
7/11/08 12:12:22PM
Krispy Kreme
7/11/08 12:15:59PM
Krispy Kreme is much better. Nothing is better than their fresh glazed donuts right off the conveyor belt thingy.
7/11/08 12:17:59PM


i only get DD when I'm around the Chicago area (noen to my knowledge around the twin cities)... Their coffee is delicious as are their breakfast sandwiches and flatbread deals... And just about everything they got...

When we got krispy kremes out here, there was all this hype and people were lining up around the blocking and waiting for some ungodly amount of time... I was not imprezzed by their performance, and firmly believe that dunkin donuts owns...

Boston Cream's are the shizznitlebang
7/11/08 12:22:57PM
when i was drunk after a party in high school there was no krispy kreme to go to, there was only DD. plus if a company cant even spell its own name properly i cannot support them, its not cute or clever, it just shows that they are idiots.
7/11/08 1:42:05PM
dunkin definitely gets the nod..

hook it up with a coffee and one of them bitches with the blueberries in em
7/11/08 3:12:17PM
i like any donuts, so long as they have holes in the middle for when i take them home
sometimes i get donuts w/out holes in them & make one myself w/ my.............

oh yeah......Krispy Kreme is better
7/11/08 6:22:06PM
Lamars is the best around here followed by Wenchls then we go with the KK because all the DDs were run out of town by Starbucks
7/11/08 10:26:18PM
i had a dream last night that i went to a knock off krispy kreme store it started with a g i forget anyway i had to wait for like six hours to get a bag of dounuts. then when i got them they sucked balls. i havn't had krispy kreme in so long they had a store in my area for like a year then moved away. THEY TEASE
7/11/08 11:24:43PM
Krispy Kreme donuts are ******* ridiculously good. Dunkin Donuts is garbage.. atleast the ones by me. They are tiny donuts that are barely fresh.
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