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4/3/07 4:04:25PM
The latest MMAWeekly Rankings were released on Tuesday, April 3rd. This system ranks the top ten MMA fighters from all across the world in each of the five major weight classes, as voted on by the MMAWeekly staff.

4/3/07 7:22:09PM
Im pretty sure Robbie Lawler shoudlnt be at #8 on that list. Okanmi and Swick should both be on there over him and Trigg.

Carlos Conduit being on the WW list is awesome. He deserves to be there.
4/3/07 7:28:47PM
Ricardo Arona is placed a little too high on that list in my opinion #3 thats higher than dan henderson, rampage and wanderlei. thats defintely a little cooky
4/3/07 7:45:20PM
Lambert and Ortiz?

Maybe Lambert at 10, but Ortiz? I say you put Evans in the top 10 but he will have a chance to prove it soon I guess.
4/4/07 1:05:09AM
Taking out the Hero/Legend factor for a second, Randy should not be #5. It's his first HW win since 2001. A great performance for sure, but #5 is a stretch.

If Gomi is still ranked over Diaz, then the same rule should apply for Tim.

I can't stand Tim and love Randy, but come on.
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