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3/6/07 4:13:24PM
The latest MMAWeekly Rankings were released on Tuesday, March 6th. This system ranks the top ten MMA fighters from all across the world in each of the five major weight classes, as voted on by the MMAWeekly staff.

3/6/07 10:09:50PM
tHESE RANKINGS ARE HORRIBLE, tim sylvia at 6 after being outstruck by couture, and couture at 5 after beating sylvia, whatta joke. And how does a win over babalu who seems to be all washed up these days give Lambert the ten spot. Clearly the people at MMA weekly have no clue what makes someone worthy of a top ten spot, and are too highly susceptable to the hyping of shitty fighters by the UFC to make there talent scarce divisions look better.For the true Top ten MMA rankings click my name and check my rankings.
3/6/07 11:28:58PM
Lambert at 10, but no Rashad Evans?'

3/7/07 12:38:03AM
Wheres sean sherk?
3/7/07 11:01:22AM
yeah thats pretty bad no sean sherk and hayato sakurai is #1 even though he lost to takanori gomi
3/7/07 2:07:59PM
Yeah I agree with the rest, the Rankings are off on those subject matters
3/7/07 9:55:22PM

Posted by Polynikes

Lambert at 10, but no Rashad Evans?'

exactly what i was thinking
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