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6/12/08 11:26:27PM
Great post I can totally feel what your dealing with
6/13/08 6:13:45AM

She then informs me that that’s gay. I said look, it’s not gay it's cool, like fantasy football but for MMA. She says it’s still gay.

You should have told her that she's been lucky enough to get the vote, and to shove her ass back into the kitchen.
6/13/08 9:55:51AM

Posted by zephead

I wouldn't say Gay, but I do see alot of Bi-ness in here

I would say less Bi-ness and more latent homoeroticism.
6/13/08 10:01:15AM
i'm gay for being so danm jealous of all of y'alls' badges

yes, y'alls' is a word.
7/20/08 4:36:49PM

Posted by Rush

At first I thought this thread was about Pookie's avatar.

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