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9/18/07 11:42:56PM
mods, or administrators:

the MMAplayground ranking system is very flawed and can be made better. a lot of fighters in k-1 heroes can't be added because the weightclass terminology is messed up. i tried adding guys like yoon dong sik and yosh akiyama to no avail and i can't rank either at middleweight and i'd like to. can this be rectified?
9/20/07 11:41:50PM
Not sure, but I am ticked off there isn't a featherweight division as there is nowhere to put Urijah Faber. I had him on my pound for pound list and my favorite list.....and then he gets deleted from the system altogether? I don't dig how some fighters like Faber don't have a weight division (then disappear) and other's like BJ Penn or Dan Henderson can be in multiple weight classes.
9/21/07 1:01:36AM
I've never had a problem. Then again I'm not retarded enough to put Dong Sik Yoon on my top 10 list.
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