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1/7/08 9:46:51PM
Isn't this site's birthday coming up soon? This site was started last January, correct? Anyways, this site keeps on improving. It is amazing that it is just coming up on one year. The member size has increased drastically! When I joined last June, I think there were only like 6,000 members and now there are more than 3 times that many! This is the best place for fantasy mma hands down. In addition, I like the new betting feature. It is definitely going to make the betting game more interesting. Thank you DoTheMMAth and all the Mods/Admin. for running a great site, offering prize money, and keeping the ball rolling with new ideas! Here's to another great year and hopefully more people will support the site by buying a membership or a t-shirt to keep this site running!
1/7/08 9:49:58PM
+1 !!

1/7/08 10:17:05PM
Cheers to another Great Year
1/8/08 11:37:09AM
how ooold are you
1/8/08 12:50:57PM
MMAPLAYGROUND #1 i think in 6days ish is 1 year
1/8/08 12:56:20PM
i believe the 12th was the official first day that people signed up, i didnt get here until the 16th
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