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8/24/07 5:10:06PM
As has been the norm for him throughout his career, Randy Couture comes in to this fight with Gabriel as the underdog whilst wearing the UFC Heavyweight championship.

8/24/07 5:29:27PM
Nice post.

Can't wait for tomorrow night. And I pretty much agree with every prediction they had to offer.
8/24/07 7:32:33PM
i agree this is a nice post.. BUT... IMO randy is gonna pull another one outta his bag and win this fight....
8/24/07 9:06:39PM
you guys know who the boys at shedrdog picked?
8/25/07 4:44:38PM
Tjat justin bullock fella is not to smart is he? First saying Gonzaga has troubles with more then 3 rounds and then predicting him to win with a 4th round tko?

8/25/07 5:21:36PM
i reallly hope couture pulls thi soff but i just dont see it happening