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8/4/09 7:13:16AM
Even heroes need heroes sometimes. Special Forces Operator Tim Kennedy is tough as nails. He has been blown up and shot at, and he kept moving toward the enemy. He's one of the best shooters in the world, finishing the famed El Presidente target shoot in less than three seconds. He can literally curve bullets as a sniper. He has conquered almost every rigorous Army school there is, including Ranger School. And to top it all off he is one of the best middleweights in MMA. But this time, none of that would save him. He needed Last week the site posted a story about Kennedy leaving the service because he couldn't get cleared to stay in the military while remaining a fulltime professional MMA fighter. Mere hours after the story was posted, LTC Douglas O'Connell of the Texas National Guard reached out and asked Kennedy to represent Texas. Now Kennedy will be able to fight in September, likely for Strikeforce on 9/25 vs. Evangelista Santos, and continue fighting full-time while serving in the Texas National Guard as a shooting instructor, tactics instructor and Army Combatives instructor.

8/8/09 4:56:38PM
Sweet deal for Tim, being in the Military myself I know how too many times they are unforgiving with people who have things other than the Military going on in their lives. The Army is being very cool here and hooking him up bigtime. Being a Combatives instructor is basically allowing him to train himself and others in MMA while still serving. Great move for Kennedy!
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