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7/23/09 1:31:52PM
TapouT is taking its brand into the videogame market through a new multi-year partnership with game developer Namco Bandai Games. The companies announced a new alliance today at Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego.

As part of the agreement, TapouT will design five co-branded T-shirts, which will appear as in-game customization options for characters in "Tekken 6," the latest installment of Namco's popular fighting game franchise. In addition to outfitting their "Tekken 6" fighters, players and fans will be able to wear their own Tekken 6 TapouT gear.

7/23/09 2:01:45PM
pretty cool news! i wonder if Craig is gonna be the only fighter wearing TapouT.

7/23/09 6:35:17PM
Tekken is cool, I like Mortal Kombat better though.
7/23/09 7:17:40PM
Is this really MMA News?
7/23/09 10:38:16PM

Posted by TimW001

Is this really MMA News?

It's MMA related and I'm willing to guess 99% of the members here hadn't heard about it, so yeah, I'd say so.

7/23/09 11:32:16PM
yeah but why?????
7/24/09 2:36:22AM
It's not really MMA related though.

In my opinion. This has no effect on the UFC, Affliction, DREAM, Strikeforce, and so on, nor does it have any effect on MMA fighters. I could post a thread about Bud Light pushing a new ad campaign? That is MMA related, yes? UFC sponsor.
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