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6/28/07 9:14:56AM
MMAd Libs: A Tool for the Uninformed Journalist

Dear Mainstream Media Writer Tasked with Writing about Mixed Martial Arts for the First Time,

Let me save you a little time. Your editor has probably dumped this assignment on you because you once wrote something about the XFL or skateboarding or maybe you’re the person who has to do the write-up for the annual Nathan’s hot dog eating contest and you’ve been pegged as the “spectacle guy.” In any event, you’re stuck writing about a sport about which you know virtually nothing. And let’s face it, research is hard. Professional MMA has almost 15 years of history to learn and the sport can be really complicated if you don’t know what techniques you’re watching. Do you really want to put all that effort into a dinky 700-word trend piece that every major media outlet but yours has already printed?

6/28/07 10:13:03AM
I have read a few articles about MMA that could have used a few pointers from this one. Nice post.
6/28/07 10:39:37AM
6/28/07 10:47:50AM
yeah very helpful for the n00b journalists
6/28/07 10:58:47AM
i will really find it funny if journalists actually use this though
6/28/07 11:14:58AM
good post, this guy is great
6/28/07 11:22:18AM

The bad thing is I have read articles that looked just like this.
6/28/07 11:24:00AM
i really wanna read the hacket job...maybe that sports writer on espn or something else that we read about couple weeks ago used it