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6/24/08 3:22:43PM
Does anyone know where I can train/compete MMA in CT at the age of 16?
6/24/08 3:24:34PM
if you moce to nor-cal i can help you
6/24/08 3:26:32PM
nah im in connecticut. so that doesnt help much. i love the sport and hope it will help with wrestling too
6/24/08 4:56:01PM
I'm building a map...which is far from complete, but I added what I could find from Google searches for you in CT:

The MMA Map

EDIT: I just realized you may have to wait 24 hours for the markers I just added to be available...not sure...still figuring it out!

EDIT2: I believe you have to scroll down on all the left-side panel to see the links to pages 2 and 3 - the Connecticut links are all on Page 3. Then zoom in to see your state.
6/24/08 5:21:14PM
my backyard its MMA with Tables,Ladders and chairs.
6/24/08 5:22:24PM has a fight school locator.
6/24/08 5:39:30PM

Posted by Kpro has a fight school locator.

Yeah...I was trying to build a map that wasn't just a yellow pages search on "martial arts". I'm excluding the Tiger Schulman's and the mom & pop Tae Kwon Do places. (it's very slow going.).
6/24/08 5:47:28PM
Nearly all mixed martial arts places will take up 16 year olds
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