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6/17/12 7:58:07AM
I thought this was an interesting piece by Luke Thomas at MMA

There's a short write-up and then a video of his chat with famed coach and former wrestler Dan Gable:

If there were ever an iconic American figure in the sport of wrestling, Dan Gable would be it. Few wrestlers can boast they won at every level and dimension of the sport as Gable did: multiple-time high school champion, multiple-time NCAA Division I national champion, 1971 gold medalist at the World Championships, 1972 gold medalist at the Olympics, 21 Big Ten titles as a coach for the University of Iowa as well as 17 national team titles. There's even a grip named after him.

6/17/12 8:31:56AM
Wrestling WILL ALWAYS be the greatest sport EVER invented.

MMA - - - you are welcome!
6/17/12 5:17:46PM
wrestling is such a great base for a sport like MMA not just for its one on one competition, but also because wrestling practice has always been so intense and such a grind that its very easy to cross over to MMA and already know how to out work your opponent. Mr. sonnen is correct
6/18/12 2:32:15AM
Wrastlin' is excellente!

But nothing prepares a person for a good punch in the face, like a good punch in the face. I think the same arguement could be made for boxing, as they get punched in the face a lot.

Truth of the matter is, a fighter has to be a fighter. Doesn't matter what background, wrestling or boxing, as long as the heart is there. Anyone can be trained to perform moves. Counters, subs, etc. But to fight is something very few people are naturals at.

My 2 cts.
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