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3/8/07 7:26:37PM
It's sister publication is TapouT. In MMA Worldwide they report on a different angle, what the fighters do outside the ring. What are their talents and hobbies. How they grew up. I have the first issue and it's pretty good. Chuck Liddell, Josh Barnett Anderson Silva, Kevin Randleman, PJ Scharf, Nam Phan, John Alessio, Rampage, Brad Morris and Gins Corano.

I have a Barnes and Noble where I live and they have MMA Worldwide, TapouT, Ultimate Grappling, Fight Sport, Fighters Only and all the rest. Great store

Here's MMA Worldwide's Link:

3/10/07 2:35:54AM
I don't suppose you can get this in UK shops ?? I cant really be bothered to subscribe no matter how good it looks. For me I get Fighters Only here in the UK thats about the best MMA Mag over here. It's edited by the legend that is Ian Freeman
5/1/08 12:22:29PM
5/1/08 4:51:02PM
Ultimate Grappling has a sister publication that is pretty much the same thing.
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