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12/11/10 7:32:39PM
Alright, so at a time when I was extremely bored, I put together this interesting lineage of wins beginning with Royce Gracie. Now, I know there were fights before Royce that qualify as MMA, but he was the first man to really bring it into the spotlight, so I picked him because of his importance. A few things to know when interpreting this list:

- Each successor represents the first qualifying individual who beat the previous. I say qualifying because any losses at the hand of any re-occurring individuals previously added to the list prior to a qualifying successor, are not counted, however, those individuals already listed who have defeated a successor are marked with a star.

- In the case of the lineage stopping because of an undefeated successor or a fighter with only one fight, I backtracked and charted the next successor based on the second defeat of the last successor. I try and explain this procedure as it happens in the lineage to help explain. I only backtracked based on the age of the fights, and the unlikely event of the last in line actually having another fight with the potential of losing to a new successor. This is an ongoing list I guess, with the last in the line being Fransino Tirta, an undefeated fighter whose last fight was only in May of last year, so its likely he will fight again. Until then though, this is the lineage as is for now. It's fascinating to me to see how many of these guys, virtually unknown today, were so influential back in the day with so many wins over their peers appearing on this list. I should also mention that I didn't count Royce's first loss, simply because it wouldn't have been a good way to start the list based on the lame-ness of it. All succeeding losses though, don't require any pre-requisites for the legitimacy of the win.

(NOTE: All statistics were gathered using Sherdog)

Royce Gracie*****
Kazushi Sakuraba
Kimo Leopoldo
Ken Shamrock********
Minoru Suzuki******
Maurice Smith**
Bas Rutten*******
Masakatsu Funaki*******
Jason Delucia****
Takaku Fuke***
Larry Papadopoulos
Scott Bessac**
Andre Van Den Oetelaar*
Ryushi Yanagisawa***
Takafumi Ito
Frank Shamrock
Manabu Yamada***
Yasuto Sekishima**
Yoshimasa Ishikawa**
Satoshi Honma
Kazuhiro Kusayanagi*
Tomonori Ohara
Yuichi Watanabe*
Yuji Ito
Yasuto Sekishima
Naoki Sakurada
Kenji Kawaguchi*
Jan Lomulder
Naoyuki Taira (Undefeated)
**Jan Lomulder's second and last defeat was to Kenji Kawaguchi, whose second defeat was to Erik Paulson**
Erik Paulson
James Warring
Renzo Gracie
Kiyoshi Tamura***
Volk Han****
Hans Nijman**
Tariel Bitsadze***
Dick Vrij*
Akira Maeda**
Chris Dolman (Undefeated, one fight)
**Akira Maeda's second and final defeat was to Alexander Karelin**
Alexander Karelin (Undefeated, one fight)
**With Akira Maeda's losses exhausted, we roll back to Dick Vrij's second defeat to Mitsuya Nagai**
Mitsuya Nagai
Nikolai Zouev
Mikhail Illoukhine
Ricardo Morais*
Zaza Tkeshelashvili
Andrei Kopylov
Yoshihisa Yamamoto
Rickson Gracie (Undefeated)
**Yoshihisa Yamamoto's next qualifying loss was to Brad Kohler**
Brad Kohler
Tra Telligman
Vitor Belfort
Randy Couture
Enson Inoue*
Joe Estes
Ed de Kruijf
Tom Erikson
Heath Herring*
Evan Tanner
Leon Dijk
Vernon White**
Remco Pardoel
Marco Ruas
Oleg Taktarov
Dan Severn
Mark Coleman
Pete Williams*
Yuki Kondo*****
Guy Mezger***
Kiuma Kunioku**
Jong Wang Kim
Osami Shibuya***
Katsuomi Inagaki*
Kazuo Takahashi*
Semmy Schilt
Satoshi Hasegawa
Keiichiro Yamamiya
Eugene Jackson
M Wahyudi
Sabar Alim
Jandi Purba
Linson Simanjuntak
Yohan Mulia Legowo
Fransino Tirta
1/26/11 2:41:49PM
Wow that is a long list filled with alot of folks I"ve never heard of. Maybe I'm not the true MMA fan I thought I was LOL.
1/26/11 3:52:24PM
Absolutely brilliant!
1/26/11 6:41:49PM
Wow, I thought this went over everyone's heads, I never thought it would be brought back. Thanks for the compliment gartface!
1/26/11 6:44:36PM
I was looking through unanswered topics and saw it...seriously how long did that take to put together?
1/28/11 6:28:12PM

Posted by sclasclemski

I was looking through unanswered topics and saw it...seriously how long did that take to put together?

I don't know, maybe an hour?
1/28/11 8:35:41PM
I guess thats not too bad...I know I've spent hours and hours putting together spreadsheets for my fantasy football league.
1/29/11 11:53:00AM
Yeah I hear you man, once you get the motivation, there goes any sense of productivity for that time period until you're finished.
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