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9/26/07 10:36:39AM
9/26/07 10:42:53AM
I agree if he would of got beat by a top 5 rank i could see keeping him up there
9/26/07 11:16:55AM
I used to think that MMA Weekly had a good top ten list but I am thinking they are not watching the UFC anymore or something.

I think SHerdog was a little closer with there list, however they still have issues.
9/26/07 11:19:47AM
I don't know about a lot of it... Gonzaga still at 6? And Sylivia still up there too? No offense to GG, but his only notable win was against CroCop and then he was dismantled by the Natural... IMO his stint on the top10 was short lived...

I know Serra's the champ, but it's still tough for me to put him on top of WW, that probably sounds stupid... But I do love seeing Marcus Davis crack the top 10...

Gomi at #1??? I love him and all but he hasn't fought since his loss in feb and i think it's about time to put Melendez up there...

Gotta love rankings... Always give you something to bitch about
9/26/07 11:31:15AM
shogun should not be 2 imo but what can you do
9/26/07 11:32:21AM
WOW thats a bunch of shit
9/26/07 11:48:22AM
Hmmm no Bj Penn eh he should be on the WW and LW lists
9/26/07 11:49:57AM
I'm almost to the the point were I think rankings are almost useless.If the current trend of upsets and suprise wins continues to dictate the course of MMA I can't see any top 10 list holding much ground in light of all wins coming at random.

While these upsets can be fun to watch,it's almost getting to the point were the fighters skill levels are so high,that all matches come down to the winner gaining victory at random through a little bit of luck.If this is the case,I expect to see the next generation of fighters step it up an even greater notch.

I can only imagine what the skill level for fighters might look like 5-10 years from now.

I copied my from my previous post on the sherdog rankings.
9/26/07 12:51:36PM
BJ Penn has lost his last 3 of 5 fights so I don't see a need for him to be top ten (yet)
9/26/07 12:55:28PM
No matter how many times I see it still hurts to see Matt Serra #1
9/26/07 2:04:49PM
couture needs to be higher, penn shouldnt be no.1 but should still be on the ww/lw list.. anybody fighting for a title shot in the ufc should be ranked. And serra.. if i had a title shot against gsp and gsp slipped, fell, and there was a doctor stoppage, i shouldnt be the no1 ww in the world, obviously an exaggeration, but if thats how the system works, then how come couture beats the ufc champ, and then the guy who knocks out crocop, and he's still so low?
9/26/07 2:15:45PM

Posted by reyns84

BJ Penn has lost his last 3 of 5 fights so I don't see a need for him to be top ten (yet)

You're not looking at the big picture. Two of those three losses were to the top 2 Welterweights in the world(if you exclude Serra's temp position) was a razor thin split decision, while the other resulted from an injury (plus he already had a victory over him). The other loss was a decision to an undefeated/potential top 10 Light Heavyweight. If you consider the fact that he is a natural Lightweight, you will realize how little those 3 losses actually mean.

Also, as a sidenote, BJ has defeated their #1 ranked fighter at both Lightweight and Welterweight.
9/26/07 3:53:12PM
shogun loses to a non ranked fighter and stays #2

chuck liddell gets knocked out, and then in his return loses a fight to a non ranked fighter and he stays #4

and karo is the only ranked welterweight to have a win over who they ranked #1 (matt serra) and hes ranked 6th

i thought sherdogs was off

but this makes sherdogs look like the best ranking system ever
9/26/07 7:10:48PM

Posted by low-blow

No matter how many times I see it still hurts to see Matt Serra #1

I can't agree more.
9/26/07 11:45:25PM
Serra is a very lucky guy...........but he should not be in the top ten IMHO.

Serra BARELY squeaked by few has-beens on a BS reality show then gets an undeserved title shot, then gets lucky again by beating GSP in a "one in a million" chance against a fighter that would beat him 99.9% of the time.

Serras luck is about to change cause Hughes is going to mop the floor with him.

MMA weekly needs to put down the crack pipe, there isn't a single mma fan or mma fighter that thinks Serra is number 1 in the WW division.
9/27/07 12:44:57AM
If chucks #4 then Shoguns #2 lol. All I have to say. Ussually they have a good list but chucks loss puts him at #6 and shogun should be #3. Bye bye tito
9/27/07 11:59:48AM
i do my own ranks in my head and thats what i go off
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