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1/3/08 10:39:18AM
The listeners of the MMA Weekly Radio program recently voted on their Fight & Fighter Of The Year for 2007. Their choices were Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi as Fight Of The Year and UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva as Fighter Of The Year.

1/3/08 12:26:25PM
Can't argue with either. Anderson is arguably pound for pound the best fighter in the world. And the Nick Diaz Gomi fight went from a blind slugfest and ended in a gogoplata.
1/3/08 12:54:55PM
I agree.
Two good choices. I have the Gomi/Diaz fight saved on my DVR and I still watch it every once in a while for fun.
1/3/08 5:55:05PM
I agree with both.
1/3/08 9:55:17PM
Couldn't read the article although I think that the Guida-Huerta fight was better!
1/4/08 10:14:23AM
I think Sherdog and MMA Weekly both missed on their fighter of the year choices. While I can see how any other time those would be good choices, I think this year it should have been Sam Vasquez. Nobody fought a tougher fight than he did.
1/4/08 2:35:54PM
Anderson's a good choice, but what about Machida!
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