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2/16/11 12:37:46PM
I've been going to MMA for a year now but have no official fights but do you think the fact I only have MMA once a week is a big disadvantage?
I do kickboxing Mondays,Gym and starting BJJ on Wednesday,Jujitsu on Tursday,MMA on Friday,Judo Saturday and sometimes Gym on Sundays.
But do you think that MMA once put me at a dis advantage in the MMA fighting circuit?
2/18/11 12:04:48AM
i would say so. you could still fight using the same schedule but you gotta think, MMA is a growing sport and even the guys on the very bottom level (amature) are putting serious time and effort into training. I am at the bottom level and i train 7 days a week, if your gonna call yourself a fighter then you gotta live the sport.
3/31/11 8:17:14PM
NO! If i understand you correctly that most days of the week you work on a different skill set for MMA.

MMA is just mixing different martial arts together. It is important to spend time improving you skills in all different aspects of MMA. Which may mean one day a week you may just work on your kick boxing, wrestling/Judo or BJJ. As you master each of these skills you will learn how to properly mix and apply them for MMA. Which is the purpose of your MMA class once a week. There is no point in trying to Mix skills you do not have!

You dont become really good at BJJ by practicing MMA. You become good at BJJ by practicing BJJ, which in turns makes you a better MMA fighter.

With that said if you have a fight coming up, you should be spending more time honing your different skill sets for MMA, which means practicing MMA more. Also if you can train for two different MMA skill sets on the same day it would be better.

Monday: Kick Boxing and BJJ
Tuesday: Wrestling and BJJ
Wednesday: MMA
Thursday: Boxing and Wrestling
Friday: BJJ and Strength Training.

On a side note: Most people if they are training hard, can not train every day of the week. It is important that you push yourself when you do train and the days you don't to rest or have an active rest day. (Which is basically a none MMA training related physical activity like rock climbing, hiking or playing touch football with your friends. It is suppose to be fun keep you active and not strain your body to much).

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