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2/7/07 10:52:19PM
Damn. Horn was right and I missed my turn? Serves me right for making the hard trivia thread.
2/7/07 11:34:49PM
Ask a question Manfred.
2/8/07 12:15:09AM
UFC 1 had only two rules, which fighter managed to break one of them?
2/8/07 12:28:42AM
Kevin Rosier?
2/8/07 12:49:34AM
Nope, the rules were no biting or eye-gouging
2/8/07 12:55:08AM
Gerard Gordoeu?
2/8/07 1:04:34AM

Royce said he bit him when he was going for the RNC. That's why he held the choke longer, not because the ref missed the choke on Shammy
2/8/07 1:09:26AM
I thought he held the choke longer because hes Royce Gracie and he always holds shit longer than he has to.

Who choked out Royce Gracie during a grappling demonstration?
2/8/07 1:10:28AM
Just spar/demo or a real competition?
2/8/07 1:17:44AM
The story goes that it was just a exibition match and the guy in question took it too far and choked Royce unconcious when he refused to tap.
2/8/07 1:26:24AM
Since the Gracies usually tap to each other, I don't think it's a Gracie. So I'll Delucia?
2/8/07 1:32:05AM
Nope, not a Gracie, and not Delucia. It is a fellow Brazilian though.
2/8/07 1:33:09AM
2/8/07 1:34:59AM
Nope. Much crazier and uglier than Vitor.
2/8/07 1:44:40AM
I know who you mean and I can't remember his name. (That's why I put Vitor)

Starts with a W and had a HUGE fued with Ryan Gracie, including a street fight were he choke Ryan out
2/8/07 2:07:34AM
Yup, Wallid Ismael.
2/8/07 2:09:39AM
Wallid Ismael, I thought that was a legit submission wrestling match?
2/8/07 2:11:39AM

Posted by SICKRICK

JEREMY HORN is correct 71 bone brakes and fractures

That is absoulutely amazing! I've broken 11 and feel it every time it's cold. He's gotta be right up behind Evil Kineivel in pain when he get's older. I didn't think it was possible for me to have more respect for Horn, I was wrong. Seriuosly he is a warrior.

How bout this one, who is the only fighter ever(known)to try and bite a fighter's nipple off?
2/8/07 2:24:40AM
That sounds like some dirty Bob stunt.

PS. I posted the answers to the LONG trivia I made if anyone is interested
2/8/07 2:24:41AM
Wow, never heard that one before. Mike Kyle?
2/8/07 2:30:38AM
Got to make an appearance at work, If, I'm right someone else can take it
2/8/07 10:09:52AM
I got a good one.
What are the only two Fighters to compete in the UFC SHW division and how did their match end.
2/8/07 10:41:03AM
Was it waterman vs roberts, roberts won by KO
not sure if this was SHW back then but both weight over 265 which is todays HW for UFC
2/9/07 3:20:37PM

Posted by thelastking

Was it waterman vs roberts, roberts won by KO
not sure if this was SHW back then but both weight over 265 which is todays HW for UFC

Nope Think Tall.
2/9/07 3:59:42PM
Semmy Schilt? can't remember who he fought though
2/9/07 5:01:55PM
Schilt vs Barnett? Barrnett via TKO if I remember correctly.
2/9/07 5:06:09PM
schilt only had two UFC fights against williams and barnett and i dont think any of them would have been SHW. maybe barnett he was bigger before than he is now

i thought barnett won by armbar but i could be wrong
2/9/07 6:22:07PM
thats a pretty difficult one i was gonna say the chief and h20 too
2/9/07 8:48:20PM

Posted by hippysmacker

If a tree falls on Frank Trigg in the forest and there's no one around to see it, can you still hear me laughing? JK

tree by RNC
2/10/07 5:18:12PM

Posted by greshamfighter

thats a pretty difficult one i was gonna say the chief and h20 too

Nope that was b4 weight classes.

Ill give another hint.
One fighter was Josh Barnett. The other wasnt Semmy. Cmon guys you can get it.
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