POLL: Favourite MMA Trilogy
Couture v Liddell 55% (23)
Couture v Belfort 0% (0)
Shamrock v Ortiz 5% (2)
Fedor v Nog 14% (6)
Hughes v GSP 21% (9)
Arlovski v Sylvia 5% (2)
8/6/08 11:43:30AM
When people always talk about trilogies it gets you thinking about film trilogies. It got me thinking about MMA Trilogies.

I could think of seven and i woundered what people's favorite trilogy was or if they could think of any more.

The ones that made it into the top 6 are above and the one i remembered but didnt include was:

Gary Goodridge v Don Frye.
8/6/08 12:04:09PM
mine is Shamrock vs Ortiz, due to all the hijinx they pull, plus TUF 3, oh and not to mention Tito kills him each time.

8/6/08 12:25:34PM
My favorite 'MMA trilogy':

Prologue: The Return of "The Prodigy." With the explosion in popularity fueled by the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, many UFC fans had never heard the name "B.J. Penn." Fans who had been around the block a few times knew him as arguably the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world, and news of his reconciliation with Dana White left many of us giddy with anticipation.

Episode 1: Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn. A fight for 'No. 1 Contender status' at UFC 58, March 2006, the winner would earn a title shot against the champ, Matt Hughes, at UFC 63 six months later. Penn decisively controlled the first round, breaking GSP's nose and accidentally poking him in the eye. Team St. Pierre gave him a new set of tires during the break and he switched to a wrestling strategy, repeatedly taking Penn down. Once it was on the mat, it was pretty even, and St. Pierre ended up winning a Split Decision that many people still say was crap.

Interlude 1: St. Pierre injured in training. St. Pierre pulled a groin muscle in training for UFC 63, and was forced to withdraw from the title fight. Dana White offered Penn a shot at Hughes' bling, and both guys eagerly accepted the rematch.

Episode 2: Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn II. A title fight at UFC 63, September 2006, and a rematch for Hughes against the only guy to defeat him since the Battle of Shiloh in 1862 (not counting the loss to Penn at UFC 46, Hughes had won 18 consecutive fights). Once again, Penn put on a clinic in the early going, this time on the ground. With seconds remaining in the 2nd round, Penn had Hughes in a combination arm-bar/triangle choke. As one of the announcers noted, if the UFC used 6-minute rounds, Penn would have won the fight. A few minutes later, Penn was on the business end of a crucifix pin, and Big John was forced to rescue him after several unanswered punches to the face. Dana White could only shake his head in disbelief as he fastened the belt around Hughes' waist, saying "You're f*ckin' unbelievable, dude..."

Interlude 2: St. Pierre throws down the gauntlet. GSP was cornering his mate David Loiseau for his UFC 63 fight with Mike Swick, and appeared inside the Octagon after Hughes' win over Penn. In an interview with Joe Rogan, GSP looked directly at Hughes and declared "I am not impressed with your performance." Hughes shrugged.

Episode 3: Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre II. At UFC 65, November 2006, this rematch was arguably an anti-climax. St. Pierre seemed to control the fight from the opening bell, leaving Hughes no chance to take the fight to the mat and make it a wrestling match. While he didn't inflict a lot of damage in the first round, St. Pierre seemed to leave Hughes befuddled with his varied kickboxing attack. In the 2nd, GSP turned up the volume, caught Hughes with a shin to the face, and ended it with punches on the ground.

Epilogue: The Upset of the Century. Basically nobody even believed that Matt Serra even deserved a title shot. I was just hoping that he'd put on a game performance, avoid getting hurt, and return to 155 lbs with renewed confidence. 3 minutes and 25 seconds later, up was down, black was white, and nothing made any sense anymore... Welcome to the Terrordome.
8/6/08 12:50:13PM
the best actual trilogy of all time i think is coutur vs liddell...all 3 were exciting fights with exciting endings...throw in the hype and two the greatest light heavys of all time with equally large fan bases and you have the perfect recipe.....ortiz vs. shamrock was blah blah trilogy cuz the last two fights were all tito, so was the first, but atleast it was competitive....couture belfort, um thats not really a trilogy, that eye poke thing ya know...same sort of thing with the fedor-nog trilogy....sivla arlovski would have been legendary if the last fight was atleast decent.....gsp vs. hughes, takes my 2nd place vote...all the fights were exciting, the only thing it doesnt measure up to in comparision to the liddell vs couture was the hype machine (it just wasnt as much, but still hyped), but in that case we saw the two of the greatest ww's of all time as well.....a little known one, but still put on 3 great fights is the nick diaz vs jeremy jackson trilogy...jackson ko'n diaz in less than 2 minutes, then diaz returning the favor...then part 3 in the ufc, diaz armbaring jackson....not one of the best, but still awesome
8/6/08 2:39:08PM
I only saw the rubber match, but I remember Rogan saying it was the deciding fight.

I voted for couture v Liddell.
8/6/08 3:39:10PM
Of that list i voted for Couture/Liddell...

But i think my favorite is Wanderlei vs Sakuraba simply because of the pure destruction that Wanderlei displayed...
8/6/08 3:49:52PM
I forgot about Saku v Silva.

Silva was awsome in all 3 fights.
8/7/08 12:57:34PM
Another Trilogy I forgot about which had 3 good fights event though the same person won them was Nog v Herring.
8/7/08 5:25:39PM
Another Trilogy as well was Cro cop v Barnett.
8/8/08 12:39:34AM
Hard to say, I think GSP/ Hughes is the most historic but I hope that Liddel/Wanderlei becomes a trilogy
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