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11/27/08 5:52:58PM
well I've been considering doing MMA for awhile now, and I'm just about to graduate high school so i figured now would be a good time to start. but there's only one problem i can't find a facility to train at, I'm not sure if I'm not looking hard enough or something, although i heard Mat Hume was close to Seattle but my funds are extremely limited. So any help would be great. thanks.
11/27/08 11:49:18PM
Enter rush with his copywrited catchphrase........
11/27/08 11:52:22PM
how bout ivan sallavery mma its by the space needle obviously u havent ben looking hard enough

11/27/08 11:57:35PM
Get another job, work extra hours, and go to the right place. I'm not sure what the deal is in Seattle with gyms, but don't skimp on the cashflow and get some good training.

NWFightscene would have some good gyms listed I'm sure. Check them out at and look around there for some info. They do a lot of smaller promotions up in that area.
11/28/08 1:14:50AM
Beg, borrow and steal to get into Hume's gym if your serious about mma.
11/28/08 7:07:05AM
I hope you atleast tried to google mma gyms in Seattle 1st. There are a few websites dedicated to finding a "fight gym" or different places to practice particular "martial art" forms.
11/28/08 12:16:45PM

AMC Pankration is a world class gym, and pretty affordable.

Matt Hume is a legend and a god.
11/29/08 3:08:39PM
alright guys thanks for the help. i think I'm going to try to get into Mat Humes gym when summer starts. who knows i might be able to train with Rich Franklin.
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