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6/18/07 2:20:48PM
My younger brother has an interest in sparing and I am trying to find a place he can train that would be close to where he lives. He lives near Westminster, Maryland (if you don't know where that is then you don't know an MMA place that is close). His main interest is a muay thai or kickboxing, but maybe some grappling. He has no experience, but a lot of natural strength. He's 20 years old walks around between 135 and 140 lbs. and he’s about 6 feet tall. Anyone know a good place in carroll or howard county?
6/18/07 7:07:47PM
Lloyd Irvin has 3 gyms in Maryland, great grappling with average striking.
6/18/07 7:57:26PM
thanks, but thats like and hour and a half away. Anything closer?
6/18/07 9:48:15PM
Waiting for one to open up in your backyard? An hour and a half are nothing if he's serious about this.
6/18/07 10:32:16PM
check on yahoo local search and type in whatever like muay thai or kickboxing (mma school) (thai boxing) (mma) (thai boxing) (bjj) (thai boxing/bjj)

those are all in maryland so check those sites out
6/18/07 11:11:19PM

Posted by Ydoc

Waiting for one to open up in your backyard? An hour and a half are nothing if he's serious about this.

I don't think he would mind it, but the closer the better. That place was near DC and the traffic is a nightmare. It's hard enough to stay motivated and train without fighting traffic during rush hour for an hour and a half before every training session. He's only got a mild interest in it to begin with, but I know he would love it.
6/19/07 12:55:02PM
Not exactly Muay Thai and kick boxing (for those, I suspect you want to stick with team ground control, which is in Canton), but here are a few suggestions:

Baltimore Judo Club is in Catonsville and Baltimore Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (loosely affiliated with the Gracie lineage) in Parkville. There's an American Kenpo instuctor down the street from me that also offers jiu jitsu apparently.

Catonsville and Parkville are about 45 minutes down the road. You know how close Reisterstown is.
6/19/07 1:27:21PM
I found a Muay Thai school on the same road that I work on. The road is less then a mile long and I could walk to the school from my office in like ten minutes. Check The site out

I don't know if they are still even open, but it would be ideal. Its right between home and school for him.

NME - I might train with him to get him in the door. Would you be interested?
6/19/07 2:05:19PM

Posted by szucconi
NME - I might train with him to get him in the door. Would you be interested?

Absolutely. Even more so if you two wind up interested in judo or jiu jitsu (which are more appealing to me).

The discipline doesn't matter much to me. I am really just interested in training to learn more about different aspects of MMA.

EDIT: Actually, this sounds very appealing to me:

Cross Training

This class is a blend of various martial traditions. It is a combination of Thai Boxing from Thailand, Kali-Silat from the Philippines and Indonesia, Jujutsu and Judo from Japan, and Bruce lee's Jun Fan / JKD. The class is designed to provide the student with a solid grounding in various ranges of fighting. The various ranges encompass Standing, Clinching, Grappling on your feet, Grappling on the ground, and the use and defenses against common weapons. Students in this class will develop the ability to effectively defend themselves in a variety of self-defense situations. As students advance in this program, they will also be given the opportunity to "specialize" in an area of interest. Some students may prefer grappling, some may prefer kickboxing, and others may enjoy the more exotic training and weaponry of Kali-Silat.

I would be interested in beginning training anytime after 8/18.
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