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11/6/07 6:57:37AM
MMA Figurines Available Christmas ‘07

In the past, mixed martial arts fanatics have had to get their toy fix by getting their figures from Japan. Pride and K-1 fighters such as Don Frye, Kevin Randleman, Kazushi Sakuraba, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Mirko 'Cro Cop', etc. were available in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Now the sport of MMA in America is catching up to where the popularity was in Japan. Fight fans will be able to get some of their favorite fighters figures soon. Round 5 is proud to release their first official line of MMA collectible figures.

11/6/07 6:58:41AM
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11/6/07 8:03:21AM
those are some buff looking barbies
11/6/07 9:12:49AM
Tito and Rampage are the only ones that look right....Randy looks just like Bas!!!!!
11/6/07 9:55:47AM
Rampage and Matt Hughes are the 2 best. Are these sold separately or together??
11/6/07 10:10:31AM
They only accept Visa at the moment. Such a shame as these will probably become as rare and popular as the PRIDE figures.
11/6/07 10:28:03AM
They should be in stores everywhere by christmas
11/6/07 10:55:25AM
these are cool

too bad they messed up Randy. Maybe they are trying to make him look bad
11/6/07 11:56:15AM
Tito's head isn't big enough. They also said that these are the most exciting fighters in their famous poses. Where is Chuck and his Kempo tattoo pose?
11/6/07 12:40:28PM
I've ordered them all. I hope in the next batch they have a Anderson SIlva, Wanderlei Silva, GSp, and Dan Henderson
11/6/07 1:58:22PM
I might try and get the Tito one of course. Rampage looks a little like Junkyard Dog, and I think there isn't enough hair on Hughes, I'm pretty sure Matt's got a bit more hair than that.
11/6/07 4:37:20PM
I cant wait for the bobble head version of tito, and what about penn?
11/6/07 4:37:42PM
The way the Randy one is positioned looks a lot like the way Randy fights.
11/6/07 4:41:34PM
man ima collect them all. they look bad ass. hope they get guys like penn arlovski and john fitch
11/6/07 7:07:05PM

Posted by wapttn

I cant wait for the bobble head version of tito, and what about penn?

I think it may be even funnier that his girlfriend actually has a bobblehead.

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11/7/07 8:06:02AM
Rampage and Tito are the two best.
11/7/07 2:20:44PM
While I plan on buying as many as I can,I don't suggest pre-ordering them from the website unless you have a lot of money to throw down on these figures.The lowest shipping and handling cost for each figure is 16.99 as of now.So if you pre order plan on dropping over 30 bucks a piece for each. I would also like to see an exact date for a release.
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