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8/12/10 1:21:59PM
How does Bellator's tournaments work? how many fighters? and does any other promotion do this currently or recently?
8/12/10 5:42:20PM
I really don't have an answer but I would like to chime in and mention how tournements seem to be coming back into popularity as of lately.
Everytime I turn around their's a new one on the horizon.
8/12/10 9:43:30PM
Here's all the info on Bellator:

StrikeForce also does differently styled tournaments. i'm sure their website would have more details the same way as Bellator's does. I think a lot of smaller promotions have been doing various kinds from one nighters to multi nighters.
8/12/10 9:49:53PM
Bellator holds sixteen-person tournaments over the course of a few months (or a TV season).

Strikeforce's woman's tournament will be a one-night tournament with reduced rounds and length.

(Bellator's tournaments are obviously less ridiculous.)
8/19/10 8:15:48AM
I like Bellator and the tournaments because I think the tournament format lets the fighters decide who can fight for a title rather than letting the organization decide.
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