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6/28/07 10:21:04PM
Does anyone out there know of any good sites to get K1 or EliteXC events?

6/28/07 10:29:52PM
pm sent man
6/28/07 10:31:06PM
the site he pm u with is good, but also daily motion
6/28/07 11:59:12PM
rcg916 can you pm me the site.
6/29/07 2:08:22AM
someone pm me as well i know one or two where you can get some events but i didnt know if there was any stacked with em
6/29/07 2:33:06AM
the pm wasnt torrent related. sorry.
6/29/07 4:20:41PM
You guys also might want to get someone who is good with web code to take a look at how your forums handle multiple links in a single post, and how it handles people editing posts with embedded links, because it seems to have a problem with automatically adding code incorrectly and duplicating the code in previously embedded links after an edit. It was pretty frustrating to get my first post looking legible.
6/29/07 4:47:17PM
thanks a lot bro!
6/29/07 6:02:57PM
well apparently the information I posted is against the forum rules so I think only one or two people actually saw what I wrote before it was removed, but if anyone else DOES want the list of sites I posted you can send me a private message and I'll send it to you individually. I know a handful of sites that will have virtually everything MMA related you could want.
7/1/07 12:56:48PM
you can go to or to find the events that you want to see
7/1/07 6:08:47PM
Yeah... I try to find fights that I can't find anywhere else on youtube, but I like to get entire cards and put them on my USB HD. It's cool to have a massive collection so you can just go and watch virtually any MMA event you can think of whenever you feel like it.
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