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3/13/10 4:37:50PM
they have ray mercer,james toney and k.j. noons as i was watchin this..ray mercer was being respectful to the sport..saying he's takin the time to learn the sport and he respects the fighters..and he understands the leg kicks and td's are strikers worst nightmare..and he's learnin to defend all of that..but every time toney talked..i was really annoyed..cause ray mercer was tellin james that u gotta learn this and that..and james was kinda bushin it off..and actin like how he always act..and made me hope more that when james does fight he get td and gnp or tapped out..or a good striker using leg kicks to chop him down..since he actin like he's just gonna walk in there and ko everyone put in front of him..but i do wish the best for mercer since he talkin mma serious..but for toney..whatever..hope he gets beaten to retirement...
3/13/10 9:58:19PM
They try to take me down Im gunna step back and knock him out. good luck with that.
3/13/10 10:18:15PM
I don't know if it was just me but I sure could have used subtitles for when Toney was talkin'. The dude seems to slur his words or maybe thats the way he talks I dunno.
3/13/10 10:32:41PM
Toney could pull some wins out, but he's going to be humbled if he thinks he's not going to get taken down at heavyweight.
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