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6/27/10 1:47:33AM
I had to make this post after the biggest shock in MMA history
Fedor LOSES !!!!
Take a few moments to stink that in...
So am I the only one who thinks 2010 is the year of upsets
First Bj Penn then Machida getting ktfo now Fedor WTF
What next the spider Exterminated!!!!
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6/27/10 2:05:41AM
If Lesnar loses to carwin then the ....
Might as well vacant every ufc belt and start over again
Yes, even GsP
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6/27/10 2:41:22AM
A bit hyperbolic. I think you're getting ahead of yourself. Things happen in sports, it's the nature of the business. Werdum beating Fedor isn't even close to making my list of major sporting upsets.

1. USA beating USSR in the Lake Placid games

2. Villanova beating Georgetown in finals

3. NC State beating Houston in finals (RIP Jim Valvano)

4. Gardner beating Karelin for Olympic Gold.

5. Jets beating the Colts in the Super Bowl

THOSE are upsets. A fighter, whose only losses have come at the hands of some accomplished fighters, beating Fedor isn't a MAJOR upset.
6/27/10 3:08:08AM
Fedor hasn't lost in 9 years to top mma contenders and loses to in 28, some are the most epic fights and u say its no big upset. He lost to a person who was beaten by Andrei Arlovski and Big nog 2 of whitch Fedor beat in convincing fashion. So if this isn't an upset in MMA (not random sports) history then WTF
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6/27/10 3:14:31AM
Arlovski was also very highly ranked at the time he beat Werdum, Nog was/still is very highly ranked. Many people feel that Fedor lost to Arona, anyhow. It's not a big upset IMO. Werdum is among the best, if not the best, BJJ players at the HW division. It's not like Fedor lost to a can.

People just have Fedor on this pedestal to where he cannot be beaten. I hate to break it to you, but he can, and was. It has happened to every elite fighter with as many fights as Fedor. Why would I consider a loss to Werdum a HUGE upset? It's just not on par with those other upsets I listed. None of those teams/individuals should have been there, let alone won. Werdum belonged in the cage with Fedor. He proved it tonight.
6/27/10 5:15:50AM
I wasnt surprised at all.

Fedor was up against a world class BJJ champion who is bigger and younger. He hasnt been training the way he used to and he hasnt been staying active fighting top competition at their peak.

Werdum isnt being given enough credit imo and people need to stop putting Fedor on this invincible pedestal. Getting over excited and jumping into the BJJ world champions guard and then not defending a triangle didnt look like the greatest fighter of all time to me. It looked like he got played by a younger, smarter and more skilled fighter.

6/27/10 5:22:24AM
Your AV gets a prop!
6/27/10 5:41:16AM
: D
6/27/10 9:35:56AM
Fedor losing was not a shock,
6/27/10 1:12:44PM
Fedor's gameplan looked amateurish. I think Fedor's head isn't in the fight game anymore. Maybe he really is considering retiring? The best Fedor could have eaten Werdum alive, unfortunately i'm convinced that Fedor just isn't interested in fighting anymore, therefore isn't training as hard and isn't putting his all into the fights.

Maybe this loss will wake him up....
6/27/10 7:13:57PM
hey, what do you expect when you put your self in the guard of a BJJ world champion. he never should have followed him down. he over extended. it aint the end of the world. it was gonna happen eventually. alot of fighters actually get better after a big loss.
6/28/10 7:41:18AM
Fedor is so nice that every decade he lets a fighter win, it just happen to be Werdum
6/28/10 12:10:07PM

Posted by DragonShogun

Fedor is so nice that every decade he lets a fighter win, it just happen to be Werdum

6/28/10 4:16:15PM

Posted by DragonShogun

Fedor is so nice that every decade he lets a fighter win, it just happen to be Werdum

That was funny. Props to you.
7/4/10 10:11:50AM
2007 will forever be the year of the upsets in MMA.
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