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5/26/07 1:36:12AM
Me and a few friends came up with this design and had one shirt left over so we decided to throw it up on ebay. I would like to hear any comments or crits you have on the shirt and if you all happen to like it we could make more of this kind in the near future. I'd also like to hear some ideas on other MMA related shirts if you're confident in what we can make. Thanks and here's the last shirt
5/26/07 1:42:31AM
It's a cool looking shirt but I'm pretty sure anyone who sees it will think the shirt is referring to gay pride. Maybe something like "PRIDE can never die" would be more applicable.
5/26/07 1:45:02AM
i thought the fist and blood splatter pretty much ruined any chance of it being looked at as a gay pride shirt. i will consider it though, thanks
5/31/07 7:59:18AM
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