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9/19/10 3:15:44AM
MMABay recently has unearthed one of the most scandalous stories in mixed martial arts of the past few years, a story that came to fruition earlier this week much to our disappointment.

We were contacted a few weeks ago by a source close to a well known MMA star (fighter A) who told us that an arrangement had been made for this fighter to win his next fight in easy a fashion. Not one to shy away from confronting the situation, we contacted the other fighter (fighter B) who had been paid to throw the fight and they did everything but deny the allegations we presented him with. With me so far? Good…

MMABay – Well between me and you I heard you’ve been paid to throw the fight and that he’ll be then promoted by you later as part of a fight card in Chicago, which will be fixed as well. If this is the case, keep this kind of behaviour where it belongs… in the boxing world.

Fighter – FIXED??? LMFAO You want a interview?? Fly out to where I live and I will give you one in person. Give me your # too. Do you want to meet me at my house for a interview? Let me know. ****!

MMABay – Very adult ****. Notice you didn’t deny it though. Look, I’m a journo… I get approached by a VERY reliable source and I come to you asking for your side of the story and this is what I get. Looks like I’m not the only one he’s been speaking to so I thought I’d give you the chance to give your side of things.

Fighter – You didn’t answer me. You asked and I said yes. You coming or what?? No # ether?? WELL I THINK YOUR FULL OF ****!! WELL ANSWER ME? P.S.Is this the interview? Or do you want me to answer that question in the interview in person??

MMABay – I live in the UK ****. I’ll be happy to give you my number tomorrow when I’m home. This isn’t the interview, unless you want it to be… And when you say yes… does that mean yes to you taking money from ************? In fact, do you have a spare 30 mins tomorrow? Say 11.30am PST to appear on MMABay Radio? It goes out to 25,000 people per day…

Fighter – YOU WILL SE ME KNOCK HIM OUT!! ;) P.S. And then will you apolagize??

This week that fighter was taken down and pounded into oblivion, putting up little fight or resistance in the process. We at MMABay couldn’t let this go unmentioned and after giving the fighter every opportunity to refute the claims live on MMABay Radio a couple of weeks ago prior to us going to print.

If you do manage to put two and two together and guess who we’re talking about you won’t be surprised to know there are plans for fighter A to fight for fighter B’s promotion next time out in America and guess what… that one’s fixed as well.

The comments are worth a read too. What do you guys think?
9/19/10 3:16:31AM
9/19/10 3:28:21AM
MMABay is a joke. I trust nothing that comes from that site.
9/19/10 3:57:05AM
That's why i didn't put it in the news forum emfleek
9/19/10 4:10:46AM
There have been fixed MMA fights in America before, although I've never heard of them being ordered by the promotion itself, but rather as arrangements between fighters.

Heath Pedigo of HOOKnSHOOT infamy, for instance, used to look for imposing scrubs that would offer no fight as he found awesome submissions to apply to them. He quit fighting after Jeff Osborne caught on and told him he'd have to supply real fighters.
9/19/10 11:40:01AM
Another one EXCLUSIVELY confirmed by MMABay. Someone contact The Onion!
9/20/10 1:34:11PM

Posted by emfleek

MMABay is a joke. I trust nothing that comes from that site.

I'm inclined to believe this after watching the Butterbean and Pudz fight. Sad sad stuff.
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