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7/7/08 2:04:52PM
There will still be no knees the head of fallen opponents.

That’s the major news out of Montreal, where The Association of Boxing Commissions met to make some slight revisions to Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

It’s unclear what this might mean. The Nevada and California commissions, two of the most powerful MMA regulatory bodies, did not attend the meeting. Forty other commissions, however, did make the trek.

The Unified Rules have been used as regulations across the United States and Canada since their creation in 2001. The rules are often cited as being a major reason for the sudden explosion in the sport’s popularity.

It’s unclear if California and Nevada will adopt the rules. UFC President Dana White, in fact, made it clear that he does not intend to let changes happen anytime soon in a recent Yahoo! interview.

Here’s a snip from White:

“There’s going to be a fight. And you know I don’t roll over easily.”

7/7/08 2:15:46PM
Why is the Association of BOXING Commissions the ones trying to change MIXED MARTIAL ARTS?? They have their own sport to ruin. I dont know too much about it, but shouldnt there be a commission for MMA? They are 2 completely different sports!
7/7/08 2:31:06PM
excellent call on no knees
7/7/08 3:21:13PM

Posted by gsquat

excellent call on no knees

Really? I would love to see knees on the ground allowed.
7/7/08 3:34:04PM
if I read that right they want to make 14 sdifferent weight classes.. that is just stupid. I feel there is enough already...
7/7/08 3:40:55PM
hopefully gsp can add in his "i was not impressed with your performance" in this mix with danas reaction
7/7/08 7:16:16PM

Posted by loller90278

hopefully gsp can add in his "i was not impressed with your performance" in this mix with danas reaction

7/7/08 8:19:28PM
wamma should be donig the rules if anyone.
7/7/08 8:31:12PM
All the weight classes wanted to make me cry.That's crazy.
I would rather see Knees allowed and be done with it.

Their does need to be an MMA commision.
7/7/08 8:56:35PM
they add one ambigous line from dana and steal the rest of the article from Sherdog? and act like they know what Dana think, he could have been quoted on a bridge game.
7/7/08 9:21:21PM
F*ck it its a fight whatever happens happens we're gona fight anyway
7/7/08 10:53:59PM
Some of the clarifications (like what the back of the head is) is important because nobody knew what it was in the first place.

The smothering foul is probably going to help get rid of lay and pray tactics

The weight classes do not bother me because the UFC (or any other org) does not have to have that particular class. It doesn't bother me if they change, but I am curious to know what they are.

Downward elbow strikes. Again, the only danger these strikes have is if you hit to the back of the head or spine, which is a foul anyways, so I don't see the problem with that either.

Honestly, this doesn't bother me and it seems that the revisions and people that have problems with them are just in a power struggle. Toes are being stepped on.
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