What MMA rules would you change if you could unify the organizations?

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1/20/07 5:41:36PM
I prefer the octagon over any other cage or ring, and theres no way out. ( sort of a thunderdome vibe)It's bigger and I don't like the fact that fights have to be restarted or stopped when they get tangled up in the ropes.Not to mention someone can fall through to the floor or be blocked from defending themselves when tangled in them. I also, think yellow cards should be universal if they could come up with a good and well defined criteria for issuing them . I think elbows and knees to the head on the ground should be allowed. However, I don't like foot stomps or head kicks to a downed opponent. Somebody could die. While that would be a tragedy enough by itself, It would also give people who think MMa is barbaric fuel to shut it down. Last, I would like a sudden death round for 3 roound fights that should be a draw. The judges could even discuus amonmgst themselves if the fight was to close to call , and then declare the extra round.
1/20/07 6:23:42PM
As we saw when Pride came to Las Vegas, not allowing knees to a "downed opponent" can drastically slow things down- Mark Coleman should've been finished much sooner than he was. Taht is something I would allow.

I don't particularly like seeing fights end on cuts, and cuts have a nasty tendency to affect a fighter's career for a while; if I would outlaw anything it would simply be elbows to the head. Elbows to the head end fights by cut not KO. Seriously, when was the last time you saw an elbow deal a straiht out KO?

I prefer the cage to the ring, however the ring is less dehumanizing in the eyes of the general public. It would be difficult to decide between the two venues primarily because I am concerned with how the sport looks to outsiders/lawmakers/critics.

One thing I would do would be to create a "legends" or "master" division. That is a sort of exhibition circuit for older fighters to continue to compete and show off their skill without having to be humiliated in the ring by the young p and comers. For matches like Rickson v. Couture, Sakuraba V. Shamrock, etc. These guys have a lot of skill and showmanship and simply unique styles to bring to the ring. I think it would be worth it.
1/20/07 6:28:23PM
Yellow cards are fantastic but i think they should subtract round points and not fighters purse.
They should be used sparingly ( Unless Tim's fighting)

Keep the elbows and allow kicks to downed opponents but now stomps. The knees and kicks help neutralize the bjj and keep the fight moving.

There should never be hits to the back of the head and spine.

I prefer the ring over the cage but thats just for better viewing
1/20/07 6:29:52PM
I disagree about the elbows, although I uderstand your point. I think on the ground specifically elbow and knee strikes prevent someone from just grabbing on and waiting for a restart. I like the legends division, although I think Rickson is all talk , and wouldn't fight anyway. Sweet dexter avatar by the way.
1/20/07 6:30:31PM
The legends idea is fantastic. But tough to decide how the older fighters qualify.
1/20/07 7:41:33PM
yes, dexter is my favorite show.
the second book is good as well!
third one is coming soon.

but anyways, i would allow headbutts, but no elbows.
and then bring in zidane vs coleman.
1/20/07 9:44:55PM
I agree with the Hippy, the cage is way better. Cro Cop is going to love the bigger space to move around, not that he really needed it. I dont like it when the fight has to be stoped and moved to the center because they are tangled in the ropes. For that reason the octagon is way better.
1/21/07 3:27:49AM
A ring can allow a fighter to stall a fight by ethier falling out of it (Yoshida vs. Tomphson) or putting their head out of the ropes to allow time for them to restart and rest. I believe a cage gives a good fighter a way to stand up and have to find a way to recover and find better positioning. For intance, pushing off the cage. Constant action. Chuck Liddell is a master at doing this. I do agree with adden death round. That would be awsome! And I do think that judges should be recuired to take some sort of martial art instructional classes, so that they can better judge a mma fight.
1/21/07 6:33:29AM

Posted by JerkmanForever

I agree with the Hippy, the cage is way better. Cro Cop is going to love the bigger space to move around, not that he really needed it. I dont like it when the fight has to be stoped and moved to the center because they are tangled in the ropes. For that reason the octagon is way better.

He could have done with the extra space when he was running away from Fedor and Hunt during their fights

Personally i prefer the ring, but don't mind the cage, I feel the ring provides better visibility, whereas the cage prevents any unecessary exits through the ropes.

I would keep elbows and soccer kicks/stomps, the main rule i would keep though is knees to a downed opponent. (even Dana White wants these, as he stated in a recent webcast)

I also prefer 10 min first rounds, I guess the closer to Vale Tudo the better for me, although I do understand the need to sanitise the sport somewhat to appeal to the wider audience
1/21/07 6:59:57AM
The cage provides a distinct and in my opinion unfair advantage for those stronger at wrestling.
1/22/07 5:22:50PM
soccer kicks
knees to the head of a downed opponent
10 min opening round
1/22/07 9:18:56PM
In the octagon for sure.

Keep knees for downed opponant but lose stomps.

Not sure which is better elbows or head butting (I dont like cuts ending fights) but not both.

Better training for the judges.

1/22/07 10:13:31PM
Knees on the ground
(unskilled strike ala early Coleman + cut factor)
Yellow cards
Kicking downed opponent
(no to head, yes to body)
Elbows - mixed feelings on this one.
1/22/07 10:24:52PM
I'm torn about the elbows as well. Its a tough call....
1/27/07 8:00:21AM
I personally prefer a ring to a cage. Even though Getting tangled in the ropes or falling out of the ring does interrupt fights, I think pinning someone up against the cage is a huge stall in fights that can go on for minutes at a time. Also a smaller area helps force aggressiveness because you can't keep backing up.

I also think that everytime there is a boring title fight(i.e. Sylvia vs. Monson) both fighters should have to give me $100.
1/27/07 10:39:24AM
i like the Vale Tudo Rules used in Pride but in a cage like the UFC
1/27/07 10:41:02AM
Eblows have to be allowed.
Kicks and stomps on ground no.
Knees on gound............... may be.
Cage. Yes UFC has the best cage. Only TKO major league MMA has one like it. Other cages are square. Or like KOTC they are smaller yet the fences are higher. The ring is better to watch. But having corners can be deadly.
1/28/07 1:42:07AM
yellow cards
kick/stomps/knees to downed opponent in the head
1/28/07 1:42:59AM
anything to stop the lay n pray
12/26/07 2:19:09AM
Rings are for boxers.

No rules, the way Gracie envisioned it.

12/26/07 3:53:44PM
Here are some things I would change:

Allow limited strikes to the head of a downed opponent.

Change the scoring system. The 8-9-10 system doesn't work for MMA. Make points more numerous, but have penalty points for things like fence grabbing, groin shots, etc.

I like the longer rounds with 2min. rest. I would rather see title fights with three 8 or 9 min. rounds and 2 min. rest. Regular fights could be three six min rounds with 1.5min rest.

5/20/08 6:54:21PM
Headbutts as somepoeple said should not be allowed.. THey are dfangerous in alot of ways... And would end up cutting short alot of fighters carears... most boxers who have had 30 or more fights by the time they are someone like Randy's age are already starting to show signs of brain damage... this is cause of the repeated blows to the head that do not cause much imeadite damage but still effect the brain. Each shot to the head creates at least 3 impacts to the brain... thats not counting if the head hits anything else... adding headbutts injures BOTH fighters.. and will also cause alot of fights to be stopped because of cuts when a fighter is otherwise fine...

Knees on the ground I think would be ok just not to the head.

Kicks to a downed opponent Again not to the head should be allowed...

Elbows while causeing cuts do not in most cases create as much concussive force as a punch... so I think should stay

I think a ring and a cage each have thier own unique pro's and cons... Fans like the visability of a ring, the cage prevents fighters from moving out of the area and restarts which keeps the action going more... how about this... a plexiglass type of enclosure.... you can see through it easinly there is no fence to grab? (just an idea)

As for the time... I do like that 10 minute 1st round pride had... you can always do a 2nd and 3rd round... perhaps as many rounds as needed until there is a winner and do away with points.. all wins are by Submission KO/TKO or a fighter quitting... Since it seems most judges have no clue what they are watching..
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