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POLL: Whos THE MMA rookie of the year 2009?
Tyron Woodley 4% (1)
Phil Davis 0% (0)
Shane Del Rosario 0% (0)
Johnny hendricks 0% (0)
Jon Jones 77% (20)
King MO 19% (5)
2/12/10 7:39:18PM
King MO hands Down, the guys a BEAST. I dont' think he will get past Gegard in April, UNLESS he can overwhelm Gegard on the ground, but the guy WITH experience will have a bright future for sure.
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2/12/10 10:23:09PM
Jones dominated some real solid fighters,
2/13/10 1:54:33AM
I have high hopes for King Mo!!!!

Jones is also a monster; kid will be a force in time!!!!!
2/13/10 2:17:26PM
jones he is already making people he fights look like they are the rookies king mo hasn't really impressed me I just don't really get the hype he hasn't had any test to his ability at all his biggest test was an over the hill mark kerr and I don't think beating mike whitehead should qualify someone to get a title shot IMO gegard is going to destroy him and end this king mo hype once and for all
2/13/10 2:24:30PM
Since none of them were technically rookies last year I'll pick the one who had the least amount of fights before 2009, that being T-Wood.
2/13/10 4:32:17PM
i find this poll extremely hard to pick. del rosario, hendriks, t-wood, jones, and king mo all deserve some recognition.

well i have no idea lol. t-wood, hendricks, del rosario, jones have all lived up to the hype. king mo looked a little sloppy in his last fight so im gonna count him out. jones with the dq in his last fight against hamil, looked very impressive against tough competition. i think ill go with jones only because he has beaten the better competition. bonner, o'brien and he basically beat matt hamil. but i think all of these dudes are going far.

im big fans of t-wood, del rosario, and hendriks. i watch all their fights and i think these 3 are gonna be going places fast. but so are jones and king mo. i tried to work around my bias, as hard as that is, to pick jones even tho i like jones lol.
2/13/10 11:50:18PM

king mo looked a little sloppy in his last fight so im gonna count him out

I wouldn't necessarily call king MO's KO in the first round sloppy lol. Dude he "KO'd" his opponent in the FIRST round, he also was toying a bit with whitehead.

I would have to rank Jones as of now pretty even with MO, I know MO KO'd Travis Wiuff who I KNOW could beat any of the fighters jones had beat already. I think once jones beats vera and once MO loses to gegard we will have to put jones at # 1. The only thing is though, Vera is no gimme for Jones, I thought vera got F'd in that decision to couture and I know Gegard is light years more talented than Lawal, but Lawal has never been tested, yes he has fought nobodies, whitehead isnt really a SLOP of of fighter IMO nor is Wiuff but I would like to see MO struggle in a fight first to see how he turns it up. I have just seen MO at one speed so far, and I know he is one of the best wrestlers in the game, I would like to see how that works out for him in the Gegard fight, I would not be suprised if MO GnP's Mousasi out, Mousasi though has great Sub's and is a better boxer ON PAPER, look out though for MO's hands as well.
2/16/10 6:22:50PM
I got to go with Jon Jones for Rookie of the Year in 09. Even though he ended on a loss, whom really considers it a true loss? Everyone I know was ranting and raving about Jones after he lost.... You don't see that often.
2/16/10 6:36:15PM
Going with Jones over Mo becasue of the caliber of fighters that Jon faced. Stephan, O'Brien, Hamill(he got a win in that loss.). This kid looked great and seemed to get better every fight. I have one honorablemention for best UFC debut....Todd Duffee!!!1
2/16/10 8:45:16PM
Good idea, we'll start a poll for that one too. IM ON IT!
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