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3/14/08 12:50:21PM
Hello all, I wanted to let you guys know about an MMA Roleplaying site I found that seems pretty fun. I am new to this type of game, but the site is just starting and it seems like a good time. Here is a link if anyone wants to check it out. Anyone who has played these types of games before let me know what you think.

Thanks all, let me know your opinion. If you have any questions I have jsut created my fighter on there so I know a little about the site, i will do my best to answer all questions.
3/14/08 1:18:55PM
Here's the CLICKABLE LINK for lazy fuckers like myself.
3/14/08 1:39:27PM
3/15/08 1:00:26PM
3/15/08 4:39:06PM
Man, whatever happened to the days when efeds actually had websites? Who the hell wants to play on a friggin forum. I don't mean to offend the OP if they created this game, but at least put the effort into making the experience worthwhile.

This is an active e-fed for pro wrestling run by a friend of mine who used to compete in a federation I used to run for years and years. Matches are hand written and players roleplay in character in order to win matches (determined by the quality of their roleplays). This site is well done, but sites don't have to be glamorous in order to be effective. At least put the effort into the game to attract people.
3/17/08 10:18:50AM
I rped at this site for a long time and it's definitely the best wrestling e-fed I've seen. It's been around (and active) for seven years almost non-stop. I'd give it a look if you're into e-feds. Right now they don't have a lot of members, so there is a big opportunity to make a splash there. Once that site gets a lot of good, active members, it's really great.

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