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9/20/07 11:47:27PM
Hey all, I've been interested in starting up MMA and was wondering if anyone knew of any good gyms in the RI area. I know of Borelli's MMA, Team Santos and Integrated Martial Arts, and Battleground. Just looking to see if anyone knows any other MMA schools or could give me some feedback on the ones listed above.

Thanks guys.
9/22/07 8:47:26PM
American Martial Arts on rt 44 in Smithfield has a good BJJ class taught by Carlos Terrinha, hes from Brazil and holds alot of excellent titles/credentials. He teaches the Gracie Barra style.
9/23/07 3:43:10AM
Yeah I actually saw an add for them in the Phoenix and gave them a call. They only have two days available for training and I work during both times haha. Well the night classes start right as I'm clocking out of work, and I'd never make it there in time. But you're not the first to say positive things about Mr. Terrinha.
9/27/07 4:32:37PM
he's got a school in franklin also.

amma is in bellingham. jorge rivera from ufc trains/teaches there.
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