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7/30/09 2:25:02PM
7/30/09 2:40:36PM

whats with writers and calling him "Bisbing"?

This isn't the first time I've seen that error.

Good read tho

7/30/09 3:05:30PM
You have to watch that Gilbert fight perfect case as to why when the ref (the guy closest to the fight) says its over let it be over.
7/30/09 3:09:23PM

Rashad Evans's Brain: "Guard our face."

Rashad Evans: "You... ouch... can't hurt me!"

Rashad Evans's Brain: "The guy barely even speaks English, stop playing mind games with his hands."

Rashad Evans: "Ow! You hit like a bitch!"

Rashad Evans's Brain: "Alright, **** you. I'm not staying awake for this."

Rashad Evans's Legs: "Hey, we're falling this direction!"

Rashad Evans's Brain: "Oh, don't you start with me too. You do what you want, but I'm going this way!"

I've been laughing too hard to even finish the article. Pure comedy.
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