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7/6/07 4:12:47PM
Hey guys,
Im getting a streaming server going, and need some test users, figure you guys would be the best bet!

Im streaming some interviews post UFC 73, The Reggie Warren Saga, Classic Entrance Music, some interviews from the past that you may like to hear again, and much more! Enjoy, and let me know if there are any major problems. Thanks a lot.

Theres also a newsletter about to start up at, 100% free. Sign up now!

we are also looking for people to try their hand at some MMA radio talk. See the last post for more info...

7/6/07 6:41:08PM
7/7/07 12:55:42AM
its back online for the late nighters, thanks for all the input...
7/8/07 12:53:27PM
Streaming interviews from after last nights UFC 73 show, Florian, Lytle, Franca...

Just added: The Reggie Warren Saga!

Boosted the quality, servers doing well, thanks for all the help with listening... I had three people at once, lol, thats the best test I can get so far... Lots of stuff to come, hope to get a few of you on board.

Check it out!
7/9/07 6:41:22PM
get on up for some testing...
7/11/07 2:26:35AM
Thanks for the positive response, be sure to sign up for the newsletter if youre into that kind of thing
7/11/07 3:10:59PM
thanks to all who have signed up from here...
7/12/07 9:27:21PM
Added some Cage Rage hype... Newsletter is doing well, sign up now!
7/13/07 3:40:24PM
We have added 2 exclusive radio shows to kick off our official launch next month. Im very excited about this.

If there is anyone who wants to try their hand at a little MMA related radio, let me know. Of course you should have some speaking skills and some tech knowledge. Just throwing it out there, as we need people to fill later time slots. However, we will be selective, but if you think you can pull it off, lets talk! Thanks all.
7/14/07 3:47:58PM
Still looking for a couple guys. Thanks to szucconi and NME.
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