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11/30/08 11:48:53PM

“Just waiting for all the legal stuff to get done with so I can figure out where I’m going to land. I’m willing to fight the best in the world at basically 185. I’ll go to the UFC. I’ll go to Strikeforce. Whoever wants to fight, I want to compete against the best.”

– “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler — the last man to hold the Elite XC middleweight title — vaguely discussed his future following the collapse of his previous employer on the latest episode of “Inside MMA” on HDNet this past Friday. It’s interesting he mentions the UFC as a possible landing spot because he already competed for the promotion seven times over a two year span from 2002 to 2004. After winning his first three fights in the Octagon he went on to drop three of his next four contests, which led to his release. However, Lawler has rebounded nicely since then and has only lost once in 10 fights since the departure. He is currently considered by most outlets to be a top 10 middleweight fighter. And with the UFC still looking for depth in the 185 pound division, we might just see him back in the UFC after all. Perhaps most important he and his management team are on very good terms with company president, Dana White.
11/30/08 11:57:26PM
I bet Lawler goes to Strickforce along with joey villasenor. Then they have a rematch there.
12/1/08 12:01:00AM
That could unfortunately be what happens, however I think it would be best for him to go into the UFC and start a title run there. The BJJ pros there are good, but he's developed a nice sprawl recently and is heavy handed as ever. He would match up nicely against the top MW guys like Bisping, Cote, Yushin, ect...
12/1/08 6:58:32AM
It would be cool to see Robbie back with the UFC. Matched up against Chris Lytle, Drew McFedries, or a similar type striker. I'm not sure I'm convinced he has improved that much from when he originally left the UFC. He's still very much the same fighter, with the same skill-set but more refined. He just hasn't added any other dimensions as of yet though.

My gut tells me he's on his way to StrikeForce. It just seems like a better fit for Lawler. He can go and possibly be a champ in any other organization...except the UFC.
12/1/08 7:27:08AM
He would be a good pick up for the UFC. We'll see what happens.
12/1/08 12:29:59PM
Robbie is a super exciting fighter, and a good one too. But he's got little ground game and his wrestling isn't good enough to keep everyone from taking him down. Dan Henderson, Damien Maia, Leites... these are all guys i think could beat him. He would match up well against McFedries, Bisping, Okami or maybe even Franklin. So i'd see him being an exciting fighter, hopefully kept around and made into a fan favorite. But never a serious title threat.
12/1/08 1:04:10PM
he has had good relationship with dana and ufc
i don't see why the ufc would not want him back
probably set up champion vs champion silva vs lawler
12/1/08 3:19:48PM
I see him being a much better fit with Strikeforce. Don't get me wrong I would LOVE to see Lawler in the UFC I just have a gut feeling we will see better matched fights for him in Strikeforce, it's not like there full of slouches there are a bunch of good fights that can be put togther there.
12/1/08 3:24:47PM
I think there are some good fights for Lawler in Strikeforce if he goes there. Misaki, Cung, and Shammy all would be interesting as well as any other talent that might make it this way.
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