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2/25/09 6:45:47PM
Utah stars

Olly Bradstreet 33-8-0 He now trains at Xtreme Couture but still competes in utah

Olly Bradstreet vs Manual Chapman in spanish sorry

Damarques Johnson 9-6-0 Trains at Elite Performance ran by Jeremy Horn and is supposed to be on this seasons TUF. I couldn't find any of his wins on video

Damarques Johnson Interview

Court McGee 6-1-0 He only has one loss and that was to Jeremy Horn who defeated him by UD.

Court McGee vs Ben Fuimaono last round

Court McGee vs Damarques Johnson

2/25/09 7:05:35PM
A couple more from Utah

Travis Marx 11-1-0 He was featured on Tapout and ironically his only loss was featured on that episode. He also trains at Elite Performance

James Birdsley 32-6-0 He lost to Ricardo Lamas mentioned earlier on this thread. There are also rumors he will be on this seasons TUF but unconfirmed. He trains out of Elite Performance as well. BTW if he was on TUF he would be alot like Junie Browning.

3/1/09 5:31:21AM
3/2/09 7:18:43PM
Looks like Ricardo Lamas is worth following. Good job
3/3/09 5:24:27PM

Posted by haggiswashere

Looks like Ricardo Lamas is worth following. Good job

yup big upset over bart
6/6/09 8:11:15PM
There are rumors that the UFC is scouting this 19 year old KOTC LW. He started opening eyes when he knocked out Clay French last November to become the KOTC LW champion.

Rory MacDonald (8-0)
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6/6/09 8:36:16PM
Joe Soto (8-0)
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7/13/09 11:28:30AM
Tim Radcliffe
Record: 8-2

- He fights out of Nova Forca on the outskirts of London, UK.
- He's just beaten top UK Lightweight Abdul Mohammed and is currently on a 4 fight win streak.
- He holds a BJJ Brown Belt under the Brazilian Black Belt Ricardo Da Silva.
- Notable victories: Sami Berik, Jason Young, Joakim Engberg, Abdul Mohammed

Tim Radcliffe vs. Sami Berik

Tim Radcliffe vs. Abdul Mohammed - Round 1 (Abdul actually taps out to a Guillotine at 07.00 but the referee doesn't see it
Tim Radcliffe vs. Abdul Mohammed - Round 2
Tim Radcliffe vs. Abdul Mohammed - Round 3
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